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Current Report as of:

Monday, April 4, 2016

South Fork is closed. 

Opens Memorial Weekend.

South Fork Boise River

Current Report as of:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Midges size 20-28 Recommended patterns: Griffiths gnat, Suspended midge, Para midge, Adult, Magic Fly

BWO size 18-22 Recommended patterns: Adult, RS2, Comparadun, CDC Dun, Emergers

Skwallas size 12-10 Recommended patterns: Skwalla Chubby, Foam skwalla, CDC Skwalla

Caddis size 18-14 Recommended patterns: CDC Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis, Parachute Caddis

Terrestrials size 18-12 Recommended patterns: Bumble Butt, Pico Spider, Green Beetle, Black foam beetle, Pico Ant, Black-Cinnamon-Two tone ant.

Streamers size 2-12 Recommended patterns:  Wolly bugger, Dalai Lama, Sculp-zilla, Flash Fry, Sculpin patterns

Nymphs size 4-22 Recommended patterns: Zebra midge, Split Wing PMD, flash back Pheasant tail, Crystal baetis nymph

Flows have jumped to 100 CFS April 3rd which will cloud up the river for a few days, but even if you are headed out there in the next few days you can always throw streamers.

100 CFS is a great flow to fish on the Owyhee River, however, in the past, the flows will go up again. We tend to see the flows stop at 200 CFS when the weather really starts to get warm... The push to a higher CFS will cloud up the river, and if you happen to get caught in this transition, it is best to pitch bright streamers, or nymph heavy flashy nymphs for best results.

When the river clears up, expect to see all kinds of flies on the river.  Caddis and callibaetis will be big hatches to prepare for, along with midges and BWOs.  The skwalla is still out, but the higher flows tend to push them further downstream.  Terrestrials like ants and small beetles will be more active around the over hanging foliage  on the river beds, and will fall in offering themselves up as meals to hungry trout.  If you are not seeing consistent rising fish, it is worth searching the river banks with small terrestrial patterns.  Also, be sure to keep your eyes out for the bee boxes along side of the road. The bees themselves will get close to the river, and sometimes too close.  The brown trout will key into the bees like a hatch, and searching with a small bee pattern can result in a number of fish caught.

Streamers and nymphs are also very productive.

Owyhee River

Current Report as of:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Silver Creek

Closed to fishing until Friday before Memorial

Current Report as of:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Big Wood River

Closed until Memorial weekend

Current Report as of:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Boise River In Town

Midges size 20-26 Recommended patterns: Hatching midge, Griffiths gnat, Suspended midge, Para midge

BWO size 18-20 Recommended patterns: Cripple, Parachute BWO, RS2, Comparadun, CDC Dun

Streamers size 2-12 Recommended patterns:  Wolly bugger, Dalai Lama, Sculp-zilla

Nymphs size 12-22 Recommended patterns: Zebra midge, Prince nymph, Pheasant tail, Hairs ear, Copper John, Caddis pupa

Flows have spiked in town making the river hard to wade. Be extra cautious when fishing, and have heavy nymphs ready to get deep. The river becomes much better at 800 CFS, but with our snow pack, don’t expect it soon.

Our local ponds are starting to fish. Small bluegill and bass will be anxious to eat a well presented fly. Also, watch the stocking reports for trout on the local ponds.

Current Report as of:

Monday, April 4, 2016

Middle Fork/North Fork

Boise River

The road to the middle fork doesn't get sunlight in large sections, so use extreme caution if you go.  Nymphing and streamer fishing would be the way to go. 

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