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Current Report as of:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Flows are still holding at 600cfs +/- a few........and fishing has remained excellent.  It seems the slightest of hatches of pinks, pmd’s, caddis, or flav’s are bringing fish to the surface.  Searcher patterns...hoppers, stimulator’s, pmx’s fool a few fish, but add a rainbow warrior dropper and increase the numbers of takes substantially.  

The hot spot hare’s ear, prince nymph, and sos nymphs are consistently fooling’s better if they trail behind a rubber leg stonefly.  Don’t hesitate to fish the riffles, even water as shallow as 8”s is holding fish.

The 10 day weather forecast looks to usher in fall temps and hopefully a strong baetis hatch......I do expect pinks to remain, but uncertain as to it’s significances.  Micro caddis, and Octobers are next up, and reports of craneflies continue to increase in the shop. 

Usually the flows do not fluctuate prior to a weekend, if it holds at 600cfs thru Thursday, expect it to remain until next week.....that guarantees.  

South Fork Boise River

Current Report as of:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Expect a major change in hatches this week and following......FINALLY.  Baetis, and Mahogany's are showing up with numbers to bring fish to the surface again.  There will still be an occasional PMD cluster hatching, but no where near the numbers we’ve seen this summer.  Midges will also become an important food source, or at least something we’ll need to fish with.  The suspended midge was voted on last year by 90% of all brown trout that makes the Owyhee their home as the number one preferred imitation......followed closely by the zebra midge.  We recommend you fish both.

Cranes are driving the fish living in the tail-outs’s very easy to tell if cranes are around, just listen for what sounds like a bowling ball hitting the water.  We carry a good imitation, that if fished properly will gain the attention of a few fish.

Also, it’s time for the browns to start thinking about spawning......I’ll spare the lecture of leaving spawning fish alone until the next report.  But as they are staging, the males especially, become so emotionally charged that a properly presented streamer will unleash a frightening attack.....or at the very least, they’ll eat it.

No word as to when flows will drop, but it’s around the for those that prefer moving water, I’d suggest missing a few Saturday football games and spend that extra time on the river.      

Owyhee River

Current Report as of:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Silver Creek

We’re in the transition time at the creek..... Callibaetis and Hoppers are still bringing fish to the surface.  Look for Mahogany Dun’s and Baetis to start soon.

Current Report as of:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Big Wood River

It’s been an interesting summer on the Wood.  The high flows were very beneficial to the river.....scoured it, but also changed it a bunch.  Hopefully this fall will see solid and consistent fishing, but we’re more excited about the years to come. 

Also, don’t forget about the Little Wood river, north of Carey.  It’s a wonderful fishery, full of willing rainbows.  Not the largest, but what they lack in size they make up for in fight.

Hoppers, Caddis, Chubby’s trailed by a Hare’s Ear or Prince Nymph.

Current Report as of:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Boise River In Town

Flows continue to drop, currently just under 700cfs.  Starting to hear a few more reports of folks fishing the stretch between Barber Park and Ann Morrison.  I’ve seen more surface activity in the morning than I have recently, although the fish are on the smaller size. 

With the weather change, expect the Baetis and midges to draw a few more fish to the surface. 

But don’t forget to bring prince nymphs, hare’s ears, copper john’s and zebra midges.

Also, our local brown trout are beginning to become emotional charged......think streamers.


Current Report as of:

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Middle Fork/North Fork

Boise River

Great fishing on the Middle Fork right now, although the fish are on the smaller size......average is probably 8” to 10”s.  We did land several in the 14” range, but had to look for them.  Fishing upstream of the conflence of the north fork to Atlanta is recommended.  All that is needed is a smaller Stimulator, size 12-14, or a favorite attractor pattern.  There have been a few reports sizable bull trout caught......use larger streamers, such as Dolly Lama’s and plan on walking a lot to find them.

The North Fork is fishing similar, but there are more and larger fish on the Middle Fork.

The road around Arrowrock reservoir is in it’s usual shape......take your time rounding the reservoir.  

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