Nymph Videos


All videos are filmed and edited by Anglers Fly Shop.  Our objective is to provide students in the fly tying realm a simple demonstration of flies taught in our class as well as special interest flies you may want to tie at home.  These quick tutorials will hopefully help you in your quest to tie the perfect fly.

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Copper John

Zebra Midge

Psycho Nymph

Birds Nest Nymph

Crystal Egg Pattern

Hare’s Ear Nymph

Stone Fly Nymph

Ice Cream Cone Chironomid

Pheasant Tail

Floating Nymph

Egg Sucking Girdle Bug

Tenkara Wet Fly

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Copper King

Purple Shwag

Red Winged Prince

KF Nymph

Split Wing PMD Emerger

Caddis & May FlyCaddis_%26_May_Flies.html
Salt WaterSalt_Water.html

Rainbow Warrior

San Juan Sparkle Worm

Double Beaded Stonefly Nymph

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