Fly Fishing 101 Class

You’ve heard the saying. 


“Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he can feed himself for a lifetime.” 


At Anglers, we believe successful anglers are educated, curious and intuitive anglers. 


…and as much as fishermen may try to tell you otherwise, successful anglers have more fun. 


Gain a better understanding of how to read the waters you are fishing, knowing when fish are eating, where they are eating, how to imitate their food and finally, presenting your fly with an effective casting stroke are key to fish in the net. 


Fly fishing is a lifetime of learning, but you can get started, get the basics under your wading belt with our Fly Fishing 101. This includes: 

  • Reading Water

  • Fish Biology and Behavior

  • Entomology

  • Fly Selection

  • Equipment Selection and Knots

  • Outdoor Casting Lesson


Classes are $85 dollars for one 4-5 hour course. 


All materials and equipment are included. Please dress weather appropriately and be sure to wear sunglasses or other eye safety.  


Learn more and sign up today by calling the shop at 208-323-6768.