Probably worth mentioning under this fishing report that we at Anglers hope everyone stays safe and healthy…it sounds like heavy doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin D are good precautionary measures…… so grab a bag of oranges and hit the river or reservoir/lake……social distancing at its best.

We’ll get through will be hard...but we can do hard.

Hopefully warmer temps, practical social distancing, common sense, and staying calm will get us through this pandemic quickly and safely……thanks for all those in the health care system, our military, police officers, firemen (our own Ryan Spillers) and all those putting themselves in harms way to help others. 

Report's Updated: 11/30


What a year for the O, lot so juvenile rainbows and browns replacing the ranks of lost fish last year.  Overall, very excited about next years fishing.  Currently fishing Ok, midges and more midges will feed the fish this winter…..dry fly fishing can be challenging.  Nymphing without an indicator and slowly retrieving the fly is a better technique than dead drifting under an indicator.  

Still be careful around the redds.     

River Flow

Silver Creek

Not a bad place to consider if needing a trip out of town and enjoy driving.  11am to 4pm is the best time to fish……midges and baetis.             

River Flow

Big Wood

Another good winter fishery, especially when valley inversions set in.  Consistent winter midge hatches will have a few fish rising……nymphing is best.  

River Flow


Better than last year, still tough fishing.  Got to love to cast right now. 

Middle Fork of the Boise

Definitely winter fishing conditions right now…….not a bad place to fish if just wanting to get out to of the valley with no one around. Fish the warmest time of the day…….no reason to fish very far up the river from the mouth. 

River Flow


Often overlooked in the Fall, many of our stillwater fisheries are in great shape and fish excellent in the Fall.  It’s even worth revisiting a few of our favorite bass ponds.

High on the list of places include;

Horsethief Res (check road reports before going…..road construction on highway 55)


Malheur Reservoir



Bruneau Sand Dunes

Henrys’ Lake

Clark Canyon

The list goes on and on……some are multi day trips due to drive times…..others day trips.

Leeches, Chironomids, Buggers, Stayner Ducktails, Sheep Creek Specials….etc.

High Mountain Lakes

Down to the last month….maybe 6 weeks……fishing is excellent……don’t always have to hike in…..lots of places around McCall to drive to the lakes……Brundage reservoir.  Fish are still willing to eat an ant or beetle from the surface……make sure to have a few squirrel leeches.

Off the Beaten Path


    That time of year again…..great place to go to find warmer water, and more active fish.  Malad is top on the list. 

South Fork Boise

Winter fishing continues, no reason to arrive early, no reason to stay late.  Afternoon midges and baetis hatches will bring a few fish to the surface.  Plan on nymphing prior to the hatch, not a bad plan to throw a few streamers. 

The fish are in great shape going into winter, really expecting an epic early Spring.


River Flow


Boise River

Incredible Fall/Winter on the river in town…….lots of quality fish being caught.  Just a great place to hone one’s skill with a Euro outfit. 

River Flow


Crane Falls/Bruneau Sand Dunes/Cove Arm:

Great time to fish any or all these…..bass and bluegill!