Probably worth mentioning under this fishing report that we at Anglers hope everyone stays safe and healthy…it sounds like heavy doses of Vitamin C and Vitamin D are good precautionary measures…… so grab a bag of oranges and hit the river or reservoir/lake……social distancing at its best.

We’ll get through will be hard...but we can do hard.

Hopefully warmer temps, practical social distancing, common sense, and staying calm will get us through this pandemic quickly and safely……thanks for all those in the health care system, our military, police officers, firemen (our own Ryan Spillers) and all those putting themselves in harms way to help others. 

Report's Updated: 7/12


PMD’s, and Caddis…….terrestrials a must, ants!  Nymphing split backs still producing the best results.  Stay late, definitely worth a late drive home.

River Flow

Silver Creek

Trico spinner fall is starting….. should be consistent surface activity in the mornings, followed by terrestrials, hoppers, ants and the black beetle.  PMD’s, Callibaetis, Baetis, midges, and damsels should have fish interested throughout the day/evening.          

River Flow

Big Wood

Flows have dropped significantly, Hopefully the weather remains mild…..not too hot….fishing should continue to be good. 

River Flow


Few folks talking about hitting the main Salmon downstream of Stanley……should be a good place to get away from folks and get fresh air.   

Middle Fork of the Boise

Perfect flows right now, and lots of fish!  Stimmys, Elk Hair Caddis, Royal Humpy’s, Hoppers, and a copper john dropper!  Lower river temps are warming quick, don’t hesitate to fish above the mouth of the North Fork. 

River Flow


Duck Valley Reservation: Closed until further notice 

HorseThief: Great place to fish right now….stocked and ready, although fair number of carry-overs being caught.  Leeches and buggers are a safe bet to fish with a sinking line……when the Chironomids start hatching switch to floater and indicator……great technique.

Crane Falls: Great time to fish any or all these…..bass and bluegill! 

Halverson: A great place to fish right now for bass and bluegill.  Hike a float tube in……only takes 15-20 minutes.     


CJ Strike: Bass fishing is improving…….with warmer temps coming in next week it should be excellent. 


Malheur Reservoir: Well worth the drive, fishing very good right now.  Chironomids and leeches, don’t hesitate to fish a floating line and indicators.

High Mountain Lakes

Now’s the time to take advantage of the many mountain lakes that are nestled between Stanley and McCall.  Make sure to have a selection of Ants, Beetles, and favorite attractor patterns…….small black buggers are a must.

Off the Beaten Path

Upper South Fork/Big Smokey:

            Road work continues to reconnect the road through Smokey Bar, best to access the river through Pine.  Fishes very similar to the Middle Fork of the Boise, Hoppers, Stimmys, and a copper john dropper.  

South Fork Boise

Fishing ok from the dam to Indian rock……Indian rock down to Danskin seems to have better reports……canyon is very good.  Caddis, salmon flies,  and golden stones.  Use a favorite nymph as a dropper.  Floating is the bestoption for access at these flows…..but wading is possible, please be careful.       


River Flow


Boise River

Flows increasing slightly……float season is going, really not worth fishing between the put in at Barber and Ann Morrison park.  21 bridge is still producing……Veterans to Glenwood is a great stretch, along with the North and South channels in Eagle.  Nymph hot spots, frenchies, and Spanish bullets. Tricos are starting in a few spots, caddis and PMD’s in the afternoon and evening.   

River Flow


Crane Falls/Bruneau Sand Dunes/Cove Arm:

Great time to fish any or all these…..bass and bluegill!