Updated: 7/2


Soooo Gooooood!!!!  PMD’s, Caddis, Callibaetis……nymph’s, dry’s and streamers in the evening.  Lot’s of folks fishing.     

River Flow

Silver Creek.jpg
Silver Creek

Warm and low temps has forced the Nature Conservancy to temporarily close access to the Silver Creek…….Right decision, good job!  Shout out to Picabo Anglers…..they are cancelling many of their guide trips due to warm temps and low flows……True River Keepers, thanks John!           

River Flow

Middle Fork B.jpg
Big Wood

Flows dropping, water temps rising……few folks I know who live in the Wood River Valley have stopped fishing. 

River Flow


Closed. In a few short months we will be intently watching the dam counts.

Middle Fork B2 (1).jpg
Middle Fork of the Boise

Went from excellent fishing too tough, especially the lower river, in one week.  Flows have dropped to usual August levels already…..temps warming.  Best to fish above the North Fork…..suggest just fishing in the mornings. 

River Flow


Duck Valley Reservation: Believe it or not…….not bad fishing right now, although I’d only fish it in the morning. 

Crane Falls/Cover Arm/Bruneau Sand Dunes: Bass, bluegill, and crappie are all fishing well. 

Malheur Reservoir: Excellent fishing right now!  Lots of fish!  

High Mountain Lake.jpg
High Mountain Lakes

Excellent idea right now……beat the heat and enjoy Idaho’s high country!

Off the Beaten Path


    That time of year again…..great place to go to find warmer water, and more active fish.  Malad is top on the list. 

SF Boise.jpg
South Fork Boise

Flows have dropped early this year……Currently at 1200cfs……it’s likely to drop a bit more before stabilizing.  Fishing is excellent, expect both floaters and waders enjoying the river.  As other of our freestone rivers fishing sours from low and warm temps, we’ll likely see a lot of folks on the South Fork in July and August.


River Flow


Boise in town.jpg
Boise River

Fishing well.  In areas, caddis are bringing fish to the surface.  Float season is on……expect crowds between Barber and Ann Morrison……white water park is also busy. Tricos should start hatching soon.

River Flow


It's that time of year! Bass are active all over the valley, grab your favorite patterns and get after it.