It’s fishing as well as it has fished this year.  Baetis and midge hatches are bringing fish to the surface late afternoon/evening.  Nymphing and small streamers are producing as well.  The river is pretty quiet, probably not because of the spawn, but due to how the well the South Fork has fished.  Plenty of water to fish around the spawning areas, and the rainbows are well worth the trip. 

Just a heads up……some of the larger brown trout have a fungus issue……from visits with the biologist it sounds like Ick, or Cotton Fungus……if I have my information correct, it’s caused from an over active immune system.  Not sure if many of the browns affected by this will survive.          

River Flow

Silver Creek

Baetis are keeping the fish rising in the afternoon.  It’s been a wonderful Fall on Silver Creek……take advantage of it.              

River Flow

Big Wood

Weather should hold out for at least another week. Great place to spend day, plenty of nymphing opportunities, with a baetis or midge hatch offering a few rising fish in the afternoon.

River Flow


Few fish are being caught on the Salmon and Grand Ronde……both great places to swing a few flies and let life pass by……great for the Soul……with a better than expected chance of hooking into a freight train.

Note, the Clearwater is closed to steelhead fishing this year due to the low numbers.

Middle Fork of the Boise

Very few folks fishing right now……too bad…..it’s fishing excellent.  Great place to work on the Euro nymphing game, and a safe place to throw streamers.  We recommend fishing lower on the river…..below Twin Springs.  Take extra time around Arrowrock reservoir.

River Flow


It was a great year but about time to hang up the float tubes and put away the sink lines. Looking forward to another good spring next year.

High Mountain Lakes

Going to need an ice auger now. Here' to next year.

Off the Beaten Path

Big Lost River below Mackay reservoir:

Flows are down to winter levels…..100cfs +/-.  It’s cold, it’s a long drive from Boise, it’s a short fishing window, but it’s well worth it…..weather permitting.  Haven’t stayed in the remodeled Wagon Wheel but hear it’s nice.

Malad/1000 Springs:

               Good time to start thinking about the Hagerman area…….the rivers are low, easily accessible and fishing is very good.  I’m sure nymphing the Malad is extremely effective, but I usually fish Elk Hair Caddis, Humphies, and Royal Wulffs…..just a blast to watch these fish come to the surface like a great white shark eating a seal.   

South Fork Boise

It’s been a remarkable Fall, considering the late start to the walk/wade season.  The fish are in great shape, and hatches have been impressive.  With that said, these trout are becoming wise to the game…..selective may be putting is lightly.  When fish are rising, go with long light leaders, downstream drifts and flawless presentations.  Don’t hesitate to strip, or swing small soft hackles, and the nymphing game is still good.

Early a.m. streamer fishing is also producing, need to be on the water at sunrise…..bundle up.


River Flow


Boise River

Just continues to fish, can’t remember a Fall when the river in town has been fished as much.  Great indication of the quality of the Boise in town.  Nymphing is still king, it’s a perfect level to use the Euro nymphing style.  Frenchies, Blow Torch’s, Hot Spot Hare’s Ear’s, Duracell’s, and chocolatier are favorites…….just starting tying  Perdigon’s in the shop……very cool.

Few folks reporting surfacing fish in pockets on the river…….mostly midges and a few baetis.  Recommend having a few small Parachute Adams in the fly box. 

River Flow


Great time to catch big Smallmouth on warmer days if you know where to look but hurry the window is closing.