Update 06/15/22: 

This wet spring was exactly what we needed to assure a wonderful summer of fishing. Over the next few weeks our freestone river flows will begin to drop which should make for wonderful fishing in July and August. Currently, our stillwater fisheries are in great shape and fishing excellently. If you haven’t already, plan a trip to Duck Valley reservation to fish one of the three reservoirs - it’s outstanding fishing right now. Our warm water fisheries are in great shape and we can’t suggest enough that you sneak out and fish Lake Lowell or one of the many small ponds in the area. Bass are a blast!

Silver Creek.jpg
Silver Creek
Middle Fork B.jpg
Big Wood
Middle Fork B2 (1).jpg
Middle Fork of the Boise
Duck Valley Reservation
High Mountain Lake.jpg
High Mountain Lakes
Off The Beaten Path - 
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South Fork Boise
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Boise River
Bass, Bluegill and more...

Between seasons. We will update as Idaho's summer steelhead begin migrating up the Columbia. 

“The O” continues to fish well. It’s Caddis and PMD’s from tops to bots.


Pick your favorite streamer patterns in the evening and don’t be afraid to try midges in the morning.


Fish are in great shape with lots of juveniles.

The Middle Fork is rushing but we're hoping to see flows begin to decrease through June. Fingers crossed that quality fishing returns towards the end of June.

Great Spring so far. Getting right to it - Mountain View and Sheep Creek are fishing better than Billy Shaw.


We should be fishing this well into June, if not July this year. Chironomids, leeches, Callibaetis are the hatches now with Damsels coming up shorty.

Really good fishing right now with lots of hatch opportunities. Flows will remain low until the reservoir is full -expecting late June, early July but could be earlier.

Try Caddis and Salmonflies - Goldenstones are working their way up the canyon. 

When flows do increase, fishing will most likely be slow for a bit. We’re anticipating it should be a late but high quality float season.  

The Brown Drake hatch will be finishing up soon but the Creek doesn't stop there!


PMD’s, Callibaetis, Caddis will be following soon so the fishing should continue to fish great!  

We've run up to a few of the lower altitude alpine lakes and can promise you: they aren't open yet. 

You're welcome. 

 More of the same - major runoff issues. We're anticipating flows to stabilize and the river to start fishing well by mid to late June.

Great warm water fishery, although Cranefalls usually receives a stocking of trout each year.  As the weather warms, these ponds are the first to turn on.  It’s difficult to beat a good day catching bass and bluegill, most of us are not interested in a steady pursuit for these fish, but the occasional trip can be intensely fun.  Dust off a float tube, and make the 15 minute walk into Halverson, or drive to the others and fish small leaches, streamers, poppers, divers are a bluegill spider and enjoy a warm day in these beautiful areas chasing these warm water gems.

Coming Soon...

With flows increasing, there's probably - there are definitely - better options right now.


If we could fish somewhere else, we would.