Probably time to update these reports……not much changes in the winter months, and judging from the website traffic, either few folks are fishing, or most have given up on our reports.  We will try harder to update these more frequently…never hesitate to call us though.  We’re seldom right, never in doubt….. but always delightful to visit with.

Report's Updated: 2/26


Lots of smaller fish working through the system……great for future recruitment.  Best to enter the river quietly, and waiting a bit to start fishing.  Every run from the tunnel to the dam have loads of fish in them, quiet and patient anglers are easily out fishing anglers who move around a lot.  Nymphing with a zebra midge, or small pheasant tail under a skwala will produce, as will stripping in smaller buggers.  Hopefully we’ll have stronger hatches and willing fish surface feeding in March.       

River Flow

Silver Creek

Remains open until April 1st……few reports, more to follow as we move into March.             

River Flow

Big Wood

Another good winter fishery, especially when valley inversions set in.  Consistent winter midge hatches will have a few fish rising……nymphing is best.  

River Flow


South Fork of the Clearwater just needs water……it’s coming and the fish will start running!

Middle Fork of the Boise

Still winter fishing conditions, but should change in the coming weeks.  Run-off can start early with a few spikes on the graph, fish the drop.  Expecting a great year on the MF……lots of carry-over and wild fish caught last year.  Road has been in terrible shape, hopefully the road crew works on it before March.     

River Flow


About time to dust off the float tube and dig out the sinking lines. Looks like it will be a good year on our many Stillwater fisheries.

High Mountain Lakes

You won't be fishing without snow shoes and an ice auger. Time to hit the vice.

Off the Beaten Path


    That time of year again…..great place to go to find warmer water, and more active fish.  Malad is top on the list. 

South Fork Boise

South Fork is fishing ok…..just ok, and will remain ok until March…….at which time both insects and fish will start waking up.  March is one of the best months.

Midges…..Midges……Midges…..few baetis…..and more midges.  Nymphing is king……make sure to have a few french poodles.


River Flow


Boise River

Great year in town……but it’s fallen off a bit lately.  Can’t remember a winter when the river was fished as much…….good and bad I guess.  Snow packs are increasing, good chance we’ll have a fair run-off this year, take advantage of it while we can……should have a couple months left before any increase in flows. 

River Flow


Don't overlook those warm late winter days. If you know where to look there are big smallmouth to be caught.