Updated: 4/5


Flows increased to 100 cfs. Increase was a bit early and unexpected. Nymphing is best until the river settles out. The recent bump will disrupt the hatches a bit. San Juan worms, zebra midges, or small pheasant tail under a skwala will produce, as will stripping in smaller buggers.       

River Flow

Silver Creek

Closed until Saturday of Memorial weekend.            

River Flow

Big Wood

Closed until Saturday of Memorial weekend.

River Flow


Fish are starting to show around Stanley...

Middle Fork of the Boise

Flows are fluctuating daily as we move into run-off…..There should be times in April when the flows are low enough to fish.  Heavy nymph rigs in slower runs and pools…..some surface activity, stoneflies.  Streamers are definitely worth trying.   

River Flow


Duck Valley Reservation: It’s open this year……..Jazzed!!!

Billy Shaw, Mountain View, and Sheep Creek are all open.

CraneFalls: Great place to still water fish, lots of trout recently planted, bass are just starting to wake up. Fishing great right now.

Malheur Reservoir: Nice fish being caught. Not sure if it will fill this year so enjoy it while you can. Leach patterns and chironomids. 

High Mountain Lakes

You won't be fishing without snow shoes and an ice auger. Time to hit the vice.

Off the Beaten Path


    That time of year again…..great place to go to find warmer water, and more active fish.  Malad is top on the list. 

South Fork Boise

Closed until Saturday of Memorial weekend.


River Flow


Boise River

Great year in town……but it’s fallen off a bit lately.  Can’t remember a winter when the river was fished as much…….good and bad I guess.  Snow packs are increasing, good chance we’ll have a fair run-off this year, take advantage of it while we can……should have a couple months left before any increase in flows. 

River Flow


It's that time of year! Bass are active all over the valley, grab your favorite patterns and get after it.